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Of course! Even the world's most popular brands have to advertise to stay on top of competition Contact Us.

Advertisement & Direct Marketing

Targeted campaigns always ensure a very strong engagement and drive better sales. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or incite action, Grroups deliver extraordinary results through our specialized platform focused on global data science and technology industry.

Sponsored Newsletters

Our business model enables our members and subscribers network in a focused faction. We run four focus groups : Data Science and Analytics, Engineering and Technology, Product Management and UX/UI Design and Development.

One well written sponsored email to our subscribers can create thousands of dollars in sales to your data science, analytics, cloud computing and technology business lines. 100% of Grroups subscribers love to stay on top of their respective industry updates, product / business launches and latest news.

Our specialized platform coupled with our advanced geo-targeting and profile based targeting enables us to run successful campaigns for product launch, university courses and business launch with 100% accuracy.


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Complete Newsletter Takeovers

Targeted Big Data Analytics Campaign

Display Advertisement

Display your ads on Grroups to the audience that is 100% relevant to what you are selling. We display your ads to people that are 99% likely to be most interested on data science, analytics, cloud computing and technology business.


Medium Rectangle (300*250)
Leader Board (728*90)
Wide Skyscrapper (160*600)
Half Page Premium Banner Ads (300*600)

Appears on more than 3,75,000 perfectly crafted dynamic pages including Profiles, Jobs, Companies, Universities, Courses, Blogs, News, Events, Timeline and much more

Cost effective and most performing targeted advertisements for your industry

Native Advertising

Single sponsor Friday

In the print world a single-sponsor issue is when a single advertiser sponsors an entire issue of a magazine. Or advertiser buys all the commercial time in an episode of a television series: "to attract the user attention by un-cluttering the ad environment".

The way this works on Grroups is similar: Every Friday, we offer a single sponsor to buy our entire ads inventory on Grroups website for a period of 9 hours.

Targeted Big Data Analytics Campaign