Business analytics has become vital in today's data centric world. Business analytics refers to the technologies, applications and practices for exploration and investigation of past business data to gain insights and drive business planning. It makes extensive use of computer science, statistics and quantitative analysis to drive decision making. Reporting and querying can answer questions like what happened in the past. Business analytics can answer questions like what is going to happen in the near future.

In this tough global economy, sloppy decision making can get you punished. So, leading organizations are turning to business analytics to compete and thrive. It is widely used in industries like insurance, medical, credit industries, online shopping and retail industry. Business analytics can narrow your target audience and allow you to tailor your ads to each online customer. Your marketing team will have the opportunity to target most potential customer.

Recognizing the shortage and critical need for skilled professionals who can analize large volumes of data being generated by various sectors (popularly known as data scientists), the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Hyderabad is conducting a weekend certificate course in business analytics on the weekends of April, 2016.

This is a six-day case-study based weekend course with extensive hands-on exercises using the R statistical software. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of concepts like classification, regression, time series forecasting, sentiment analysis, market basket analysis, clustering and usage of the R statistical software. The course provides participants with the knowledge and essential skills needed to address the challenges of data intensive decision-making environments. Participants of this course will obtain skills required for a successful career in predictive analytics, including the ability to analyze large data sets and to develop modeling solutions to support decision making. Hands on training will be given using R statistical software.

Undergraduate level knowledge in mathematics or statistics

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