Chief Strategy Officer Summit - New York

Creating & Implementing Innovative Strategy

  • December 07 - 08, 2016
  • New York City, New York, United States
  • 23 Speakers
  • 100+ Attendees

Why Attend?

All of the burning issues surrounding the creation, communication, execution and sustainability of strategic initiatives within a company will be dealt with in deep discussions.

The Schedule:

The Chief Strategy Officer Summit is the largest gathering of Fortune 500 strategy professionals.

We cover the topics that matter most to today’s strategy leaders and then, to top it all off there is a healthy dose of creativity - with interactive panel sessions & workshops to delve deeper into specially chosen hot topics. You’ll return to the office ready to go!

Topics will include:

- The Evolution of Strategy

- Strategy in Chaos

- Aligning Strategy to Emerging Trends

- Strategic Planning - Define & Deliver Long Term Strategy

- Customer Led Disruption


Alex Tepper
Managing Director, GE Ventures General Electric

Ed Hoffman
Chief Knowledge Officer NASA

Chris Hunter
Chief Strategy Officer Humana

Irina Shames
Director, Sales CNN International

Anna Magliocco
VP, Strategy NBC Universal

Andres Glusman
Chief Strategy Office Meetup

Ryan Westmacott
Vice President, Strategy Goldman Sachs

Devyn Smith
Head of Strategy for Pharmatherapeutics, Worldwide R&D Pfizer

Heather Teskey
Chief Marketing Officer Hallmark Business Connections

Rajesh Anandan
SVP, Strategic Partnerships UNICEF USA

David Komlos
Chief Executive Officer Syntegrity Group

Pam Henderson
Chief Executive Officer NewEdge

Christina Vallmaki
Senior Director Elsevier

Craig Hopkins
Senior Vice President, IT Strategy, Planning, Architecture, Innovation and Readiness USAA

Russ Napolitano
COO Tenet Partners

Adam Twidell
CEO PrivateFly

Alicia Hare
Global Strategic Leader Global Strategy Advisory Board

Carrie Nauyalis
NPD Solution Evangelist Planview

James Cataldi
Vice President, Strategy GlaxoSmithKline

Kimberlee Williams
President Center for Strategy Realization

Jacob Carr
Manager Wilson Perumal & Company

Mishu Rahman
Senior Advisor CFO

Richard Jones
CEO EngageSciences


Innovation Enterprise


New York
New York City, New York, United States