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Enhanced Placement Services for Students

Placement Services

Universities spend tens and thousands of dollars and enormous time to place their data science students in the best of internships and full time jobs every year. Still it's a nightmare to achieve 60% placements. Let Grroups help you placing your students and focus on your core activities without worrying about placements.

Grroups Marketplace is a trusted partner for more than 900 employers in data science and technology for their full time, part time and internship talent resourcing worldwide. We facilitate your student placements significantly for very affordable cost. Our university partners just invest less than 250$ per candidate and outsource their internships and placement efforts to us.

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Advertise your brand and data science courses

Advertisement Services

We provide various advertisement options to help your brand leadership in the data science and technology education including display ads, newsletter promotions and much more. Choose to advertise your brand or individual data science courses on Grroups and receive quality leads at very affordable cost.

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