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Tired convincing candidates from the traditional job board? Spending most of the time filtering the right ones? It's high time to change!

Welcome to Live Talent. 100% Active Candidates. Validated by Grroups!

Find Data Science and Technology Candidates Actively Seeking Opportunities.
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Top candidates believe it's important to keep a pulse on the job market and they look at new opportunities to advance their careers on a consistent basis. We constantly curate our job board and keep it exclusive for those candidates that are actively exploring opportunities at the moment.

It's very simple and it works great


Only Active Candidates

Every day we curate thousands of job seekers on the basis of their job search and quality of candidatures. We let only the top 10% candidates to take part in our platform.


Look Before You Leap

Every day we update the list of candidates that are actively looking for opportunities below. You choose to subscribe only if you find the matching talent in your location for the skills you hire for.


Instant Talent

Once you subscribe. Just drop them all a direct message for them to get back to you or pick up the phone, call them right away and start scheduling interviews.


Highly Affordable

Our prices are project based. Just subscribe for the current requirement and add a package whenever you require additional resources. We provide fresh talent every hour.

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