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Grroups matches exceptional candidates with the world's most innovative companies. We curate active talent in data science and technology and showcase them on a 30 days auction.

1000's of leading global employers compete to hire from our active talent pool.

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Join the world’s fastest growing recruitment platform. Find your next job in one week. Salaries from USD 15K to 250K. It’s completely confidential - You have 100% control. We share your candidature to the client only after you approve to do so.

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Showcase your skill set, passions and career aspirations on your Grroups profile. And, define your preferred role, employers and locations.

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Accept and respond to interview requests from leading employers for opportunities that match your career aspirations and salary requirements.

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Compare multiple offers you receive from employers and accept the opportunity that's a great fit to start your next professional journey!

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Meet 100+ new candidates every day. We handpick only the top talent in data science, analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, software engineering, product management and skill based tech experts.

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Search for candidates that are actively looking out for new opportunities. All candidates are vetted by Grroups and include a candidate report from Grroups.

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Shortlist and schedule interview to the candidates that are a great match for your expectations. Or bookmark candidates for review with your hiring team later.


Structure the interview process with the help of our client partner and extend offers to the right candidates. Over 80% of offers made on Grroups are accepted.

For Recruiters

Now independent recruiters and agencies can leverage their expertise and monetize their candidates real quick. You just make the initial assessment and upload the candidates on Grroups. Rest will be taken care by us - from business development to invoice processing.

Validate Active Candidates

Reach out to the candidates and conduct initial assessment as per our standards. It includes candidates experience, activeness, notice period, salary and etc.

Register them on the Portal

Register the candidates on Grroups. We ask them to confirm your registration in an auto generated mail. Once they confirm, candidate will be registered on your name.

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We will showcase your candidates to 1000’s of leading employers actively hiring for similar skill sets. When a candidate joins our client, you raise an invoice to us. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Recruiter – Do you have specific job requirements that we should work on?

There are no job requirements we receive from clients. We are built on a candidate centric business model. We expect our recruitment partner’s (independent and agency recruiters) to work on skill based, expertise based and location based hiring at all times.

For instance:

Ex.1: If you are interested in sourcing Java professionals from a particular state, say New York, Sydney or London, we will only approve your candidates when you have a set of at least 25 active candidates in Java itself irrespective of their experience levels.

Ex.2: Or, if you are interested in sourcing for a specific skill or expertise nationwide, say USA, UK, Australia, Singapore or India, we will approve your candidates when you reach the approval threshold of 75 active candidates within specific skill set within a specific country irrespective of experience levels.

* Please note we don’t accept candidates list with varied job functions or location and those doesn’t meet the above criteria’s in Ex.1 and Ex.2.

How much do a recruiter or talent partner earn per year?

Grroups pay 58% of total billing to its recruitment partners for every successful hire made by our clients from the list of candidates vetted by the recruitment partners.


Let's assume the Recruiter ‘A’ vets 10 candidates a day in a job function that he is expert in. And that amounts to 200 Candidates / Month and 2400 Candidates / Year. Also, assume every candidate gets an average salary of 10,00,000 INR or 15,000 USD/annum. Grroups charges 12% of the Gross annual salary to its clients and it pays 38% of the billing to recruiters whose candidates are successfully placed.

On the lesser side, if 10% of your candidates are hired through Grroups, it will amount to 200 candidates per year. Grroups will bill a total of 24,000,000 INR or 358,208 USD to its clients and pays you 38% of it, which is 91,20,000 INR or 136,119 USD.

An average recruiter working full time can earn more than 70,00,000 INR or 120,000 USD with Grroups.

What is the billing cycle?

Grroups release the payment to its recruiters on completing 90+3 days from the date of their candidate joining its client.

How it works?

Grroups raise invoice to its clients once the candidate join them. We have payment terms for our clients to pay within 45 days from the date of invoice. And, we have a candidate guarantee period of 90 days from the date of joining.

So, recruiters are eligible to raise an invoice to Grroups only when their candidates complete 90 days after joining our clients. And, Grroups release the payment within 3 working days from the date of recruiter raising an invoice.

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