Aspiring Data Scientist? You Can't Be One Without Mastering This Technical Skills!

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Who Is Data Scientist? Who Knows?

Couple of years back Raja Tanveer, Founder of DSD mentioned as follows in response to a Quora question:

"Finding an 'effective' data scientist is hard and finding people who understand who a data scientist is equally hard. Note the use of 'effective' here, I use it to highlight that there could be people who might possess some of these skills yet may not be the best fit in a data science role. Irony is that even the people looking for hiring data scientists do not know who a data scientist is. Hiring managers post job descriptions for traditional data analyst and business analyst roles while the title calling it a 'Data Scientist' role."

Nothing much has been changed yet after 2 years.

Though there are a lot of sophisticated tools and technologies that makes the data science a lot more easier now, data scientists can't afford to ignore certain technology skills which are cardinal for analytics. 

In the next few slides, let's take a brief look at the top 5 technical skills that every data scientist should master. 

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