Skills You Need To Become A Data Scientist And Step by Step Guide For Professionals At All Levels

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How to become a data scientist?

There’s good news if you’re data science job aspirant in 2016 — the number of job openings in the field appears to be constantly rising as companies look at monetizing their data for competitive advantage. But actually landing a coveted data science job requires a mixture of multidisciplinary skills ranging from an intersection of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Communication, Business Domain Knowledge and much more..

You may be surprised to learn what skills are most in demand by the data science employers. CrowdFlower recently did an analysis of more than 3000 job postings for data science, and sorted out the top skill sets that is most sought out. And for everyone's surprise — SQL topped the list.

‘Data Scientist’ the sexiest job of the 21st century - Tom Davenport

As rightly pointed out by M. Sanders - The familiarity and ability to use Hadoop, Java, Python, SQL, Hive, and Pig are core essentials. Programming itself and computer science in general is the very starting point of gathering data and understanding how to "get" data and piece it together. Just moving data is it's own specialty reserved for ETL (extract, transformation, loading) specialists. ETL tools may include Informatica, MS SSIS, Teradata bulk loading tools among others. If you can't GET data, you sure can't analyze it. And you sure can't expect somebody else to capture it for you. 

Understanding the business data itself is its own special domain expertise that only comes with working in that data domain. Medical data is different from ecological data which is different from all the varieties of business data. This only comes from studying and asking lots of questions while working in that particular field.

In the coming slides, let's briefly look at what are the core and essential skills that a data science aspirant should be good at / must practice. 

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