Trending Python Machine Learning Open Source Projects on Github

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Open Source Projects Overview

There are lot of queries we received from our users, where to find open source projects on Machine Learning using Python. So, here we analyze the top open source projects on github according to their commits and contributors.

And, before getting your hands dirty to contribute the open source projects, I would suggest you to learn the language relatively well and then look for contributing to open source projects. If you have not yet developed reasonable understanding of the programming basics of Python, then the first few chapters of the book Pro Python would help.

Anand Gupta says: As far as my understanding and experience with Python goes, it doesn't have a very vast syntax base but it has it's own way of doing various operation which is popularly known as the "Pythonic" way. I would suggest you to first get yourself acquainted with the Pythonic way of performing simple projects in python. This will also help in understanding various open source code base which are generally written by python experts who extensively use such constructs. I personally found O'Reilly Python cookbook very useful to learn these things.

Also, before starting with a full fledged open source project, I would suggest to look into the code of a small python library first (PyContracts, SimpleJSON etc) . The small footprint of these library would be useful for you to easily develop a birds eye view of flow of program. This exercise will also help you get familiar with standard practices like writing small and precise log statements, writing unit test cases etc.